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All-in-one diapers (called AIO) are the easiest style to use, and can be used as-is! Unlike pocket diapers that need be stuffed with inserts, these AIOs have the absorbency of the inserts already sewn into the diaper, so it's one less step for you! AIOs also have waterproof PUL sewn onto the outside, so no extra cover is needed. They can be thrown into the washing machine as-is, no separation of materials is needed. They can go right out of the dryer onto baby's bum.

AIOs are great for busy parents, day care, baby sitters, nannies, and grandparents, who many not be familiar with cloth diapering! Check out our affordable options below. On each product page will be details about that specific brand and materials used, so you know exactly what you're buying! 

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